Ziodex(z-eye-oh-dex) is the surname of a wizarding family. They were Pure-bloods, though in recent generations have mated with muggles becoming half-blood. The family have ties with the Order of the Phoenix for the most part. Though some have sided with either the Death Eaters or Omega. They are related to the Maylacello clan by marriage and distantly by blood. They're also tied in with the Blacks, Nights, and Riddles as of recently.

Known MembersEdit

  • Wraith Ziodex - Eldest daughter of Illera Night and Demmi Ziodex; mother of Benjamin and Delphi
  • Kristen Riddle née Ziodex - Wife of Marvolo Riddle; Unspeakable
  • Abel Ziodex - Massacred his siblings; Husband of Melody Maylacello
  • Melody Ziodex née Maylacello - Sister of Ashley Malfoy; Wife of Abel Ziodex
  • Demmi Ziodex - Husband of Illera Ziodex née Night; Life partner of Lauren Michaels


Ziodex came from the name of a blood bank from the movie Underworld.